Sunday complete BMX bikes…

– we’re the first store in the UK to receive Sunday completes

– 3 models available: AM, EX, and PRO

– AM comes in ocean blue or black 26.47lbs £380

– EX comes in fluro yellow or raw 25.61lbs £500

– PRO comes in fluro red 25.26lbs £700 (based on Aaron Ross’ bike)

– call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve yours now…

– for more info check

6 Responses

  1. hi i was in the shop the other day, jamie isn’t it, my names james i was in the shop the other day looking at sunday bike’s and i am looking for one that is light and good for stunts. Also is the king kong show at southsea scatepark for bmxing, one last thing do you do bmxing courses if so email back as soon as u can.

    • Easy James,
      you good?
      Yeah I remember you looking at the Sunday bikes that we’ve got in store – their sick aren’t they! The full Sunday range of bikes are all light weight, they get lighter as they go up in spec / price from £380 – £700…
      My best advice would be to come into the store when you a chance and have a sit on some bikes to see how they feel for length / weight, it would make sense to get a bike that’s slightly to big for you – as you’ve still got growing to do.
      I give skate lessons monthly at the ALC in Felpham but not Southsea skate-park, give the park a call (their number will be in the yellow pages) and ask if anyone there runs a coaching club?
      Hope this has been some help
      See you soon

  2. i’m in to scooters now so….. anyway i am the one that cAME IN and brought sum pegs a clamp and sum grips the other day i have just brought some white cropley y bars 🙂

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