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  1. I am Thinking of buying a Fracture skateboard do you have any in stock and how much r they???

    • Easy dude,
      we try to always carry Fracture decks in store, they cost £25 and come with Jessops grip tape.
      Gimme a call at the store on 01243 532828 for availability of sizes / colours.
      Speak soon

      • i was thinking of getting some grips for my mgp do u know what type of grips you have for it and could you give me a price range

      • Hey,
        We have a selection of grips that’ll fit onto your MGP
        From ODI, Grit, ANML, Proper, ODSY, Kink, Cult and the
        Vary from £8-£12
        Best bet is to drop I to the store and check ’em out
        Hope this helps

  2. hi JAMIE if i was to order a bike from the mag you gave me last week how long would it take to get it in stock.
    also it i ask you to make a custom bike for me would u ba able to. like ill buy the parts and then you fit it together.

    • Hey Jack,
      you good?
      Did you take a Seventies mag from the store?
      To give you a rough idea – once bikes are ordered they usually take between 2 – 4 working days to arrive.
      We’ve recently had new bikes arrive in store, so it’d be a good idea to come and check those out to!
      Hopefully speak soon

    • hi esp i had brought a purple grit elite and my washer has come of and it has got stuck in my handle bars so i was wondering if you could fix it and could help me to put on some blue blazer pro pegs because one of my bolts are to small so could you could you replace it and put in a bigger one please i wll bring my scooter over as soon as posible

      • Hey Kai,
        We’ll be happy to help you tighten your headset and put your pegs on too!
        The best time for maintenance work is during the week.
        The stores open Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm
        See you soon

      • hi esp i was wondering if you have any rainbow chrome grenade clamps and how much will they cost ?

      • Hey Kai,

        We’ve got a bundle of scooter clamps currently in store – d’you know what compression you’re running and what bars you have?

        You’re welcome to gimme a call at the store on 01243 532828 if it makes life easier.

        The stores open 10am – 6pm from Monday to Saturday
        Speak soon

      • what do ya mean by what compression you running

      • hi esp i might be bringing my scooter in tomorow if i am in chi

  3. Hey,
    you alright? i cam in earlier and asked about wheels for my quads and just wondering what do you think is the best make to get?

    plus i saw your arm.. what happened?
    maybe we should hook up one time and you can tell me about it 😀
    Jenna xx

    • Hey Jenna,
      What’s type of skating are you doing on your quads most, indoor or outdoor – different wheels are better for different things.
      Drop into the store next time you’re about and I’ll run through all the options of sizes and hardness if that helps.
      As far as my arm goes, just broken a few small bones in my wrist – sucks!

  4. Hey everythingesp,

    I’m 14 years old, 5,4 in height, I’m looking to get a bmx for around £150, I dont mind if its second hand but I dont know if any shops will do secondhand. Any suggestions for what one i could get.


    • Easy dude,
      So you’re looking to get yourself a BMX – good news!
      As you’re 5’4″ now I’d say look for something with a 20″ top tube length, however – at 14 years old there’s still plenty of growing to be done… maybe a 20.5″ top tube could work and as it’s bigger it’ll last longer.
      My best advice would be to drop into the store next time you’re in Chichester and get a feel for things by lifting and sitting on a few different models.
      Unfortunately good quality BMX’s come at price – bikes it store start from £210.
      If you do see something you like it store that’s going to last and has all the spec’s you want and need then you might wanna save some more money.
      Hope this is helpful and sorry for the delayed reply

  5. Hey thanks for the recent reply about getting a bmx.

    I am considering getting the new verde cadet or new verde eon.

    Would you recomend these bikes?

    • Hey Liam,
      You good?
      The new Verde 2011 range are all pretty sick, with the e-on and the cadet particularly good value for money.
      We’ve got the Cadets in stock in both teal and red, (both come with matching grips and front rim) so drop into the store next time you’re in Chichester and check ’em out!
      Hope this is helpful

  6. hey i was just wondering if you have any realy decent black BMXs that are realy light under £300 ?

    • Hey, sorry for the slightly late reply – we’ve recently change our internet provider and things took longer than expected to sort out. Yeah we have a few models in store for £300 or less. Haro offer the 200.1 (£270) or the 200.2 (£280) The lightest bike at that money is gunna be the United RN1 for sure (£300). Best bet is to drop into the store next time you’re in Chichester and I can show you what’s available and you can feel the weight of them too! Speak soon, cheers

  7. Hi, i went to esp today and asked the other guy that works there (not jamie) about sunday bmxs and if you had any news on when the 2012 realises are coming out becasue i am intreseted in getting a new bike. cheers ben.

    • Hey Ben, sorry for the slightly late reply – we’ve had some internet issues… We’ve currently got a selection of the Sunday 2012 bikes in store – drop into the store next time you’re about and check ’em out. They’re bright as usual!

  8. Have you still got any Grit Extremist 2’s my son is 11 and asked for a Slamm Rage II but this looks better – left the Christmas shoping too late or is there something else you would reccomend – he is pretty much a beginner but thinks he is cool!

    • Hey Nick, we have got a couple of Grit Extremist 2’s in all black or black/white. They cost £80 and in my opinion they are quite a bit better than the Slam models. The store will be open form 10am – 8pm tomorrow (Thursday). Best bet is to give a call at the store (01243 532828) and i’ll be able to run through the full spec if you’d like. Hopefully speak soon, cheers

  9. hey (jamie) i was wondering if you do any valos that look really nice, but looks allright on a girl… becasue most skates are slightley boyish..helppp thanks xx

    • Hey Jordan,
      hope you’re well.
      I would personally say Valo make the most uni-sex skates available – lots of girls I know tent to add a ‘lil of their own flavour to make them more girly like coloured wheels / laces etc…
      Gimme a shout if you need anymore help

  10. are you open on sunday?

    • Hey Keiron,
      Unfortunately we aren’t open on Sundays,
      We’re open 10am – 6pm from Monday to Saturday.
      Speak soon

  11. Hi Jamie I was thinking of gettin a bmx. How often should I get it serviced? Do you do services, if so how much? Thanks

    • Hey Hatley,
      Brand new bikes don’t tend to need fiddling
      with to much nowadays, just a tightening up after
      they wear in. You’ll need to dry / clean / lube
      them every now and again due to weather.
      Drop into the store if you need anymore info

  12. Hi Jamie do u do bike services if so how much and how often shall I have it serviced? Thanks

    • Hey Harley,
      We do service BMX bikes in store and depending
      on how long it take / what needs doing varies
      the price, best bet is to bring the bike into
      the store on a week day next time you’re in
      Chichester and we’ll take at look at it for you
      Hope this helps

  13. Hello im looking to buy some aggressive skates, im kind of a beginner and not that good but I dont care I still want good ones, I dont really know what parts you need when your building a skate as the pairI have now were already built.. ive found the boot I want ( valo ae1 for £119, is that good?) But thats just the boot, what other things will I need I know about frames and wheels and bearings but im still confused would you be able to explain what makes good wheels and bearings? Plus I was thinking of featherlite purple frames are they as good as they sound? Sorry to be such a hassle but im new and confused thanks so much for the help.

    • Hey Joe,
      That’s a lot of questions!
      I’m sure we can help explain all the ins and outs of what you need to set up a good pair of skates.
      By best advice would be to drop into the store next time you’re in Chichester, this way I can work out what you want / need from the skates to give the best advice.
      Hopefully speak soon

  14. Do you have blazer pro quad clamps purple in stock because i may get one?

    • Hey Leo,
      We’ll have both style of Blazer quad clamps back in stock by the end of the week!
      Hopefully see you soon

  15. What good decks do you have in store for scooters

    • Hey Leo,
      We’ve got a selection of decks currently in store from District, Grit and Blazer varying from £60 – £90.
      We’re also able to order decks in if needs be…
      Gimme a shout if you need anymore info

  16. hi
    i was wondering what scooter bearings you have in stock and the price range

    • Hey,
      we have a selection of bearings for scooters currently in store ranging from £9 (set of 4) upwards. Give us a call at the store on 01243 532828
      if you need anymore info!

  17. hi I was in yesterday looking at the grit ‘westy’ and the white district and you said about some more grits coming in today wondered what kind they were

    • Hey dude,
      We should have the rest of the Grit
      range arrive back in store today!
      I think both the Elite 3 an Mayhem
      3’s are well worth looking at!
      Hopefully see you soon

  18. hey do you have black on black fasen wheels, mob griptape, odi long neck st bars red, blazer pro pegs for scooters

    • Hey dude,
      We’re currently low on our scooter wheel stock as crimbo pretty much cleaned us out – what size wheels are you after?
      We have a selection of grip tapes in store from £4!
      ODI ST, Pro (soft) and XL grips in stock £10-£13
      And all colour Blazer canister pegs £10.
      The store will next be open on Monday 30th 10am – 6pm.
      Give us a shout if you need any more info / help!

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