Damn, where to begin?

The story starts around ’94, a time before “extreme sports” really existed.

By that I mean that Skateboarding and BMX  were very underground and Rollerblading was in it’s infancy, the “X” games hadn’t yet been thought of  and skateparks were few and far between with Southsea being the only one on the south coast. Skate stores were something that usually held a few decks, hardware and the odd pair of blades along with either juggling balls and uni-cycles or the hardware was stuffed in the corner of what could only be called a clothing shop. General bike shops would dabble in BMX as it came in and out of popularity, but would be deemed by the shop’s staff as “lil bikes” and never taken seriously.

ESP started to change all that…..

We are still one of  the only stores in existence that unites all three of the true street sports – Skateboarding, Rollerblading and BMX under one roof. Run by skaters, bladers and riders – we’ve offered honest advice, expert fitting and knowledge along with friendly service for the past 14 years.

If you want to experience what a true skate store is really like – you want to visit ESP.

We’re open Monday’s – Saturday’s 10am – 6pm 01243 532828

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  1. the man in the shop is very hansome lol

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