Valo 4life DVD

– Valo 4Life dvd

– due in the UK first week in December ’10

– sections from all the heads: Bailey, Broskow, Sarichio, Brandon…


– call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve your copy now…

– stay live on:

Shred Till Your Dead DVD

– Shred Till Your Dead DVD (blu-ray also available)

– Featuring Bailey, Haffey, Stockwell, Smith and Arias

– Tour style video around the U.S. – think Anti-Hero / Girl Beauty and the Beast DVD with blades…..

– Check the 1 – 7 trailers here: 


– if this is the through away footage then this is sure to be a banger!

– £20 (blu-ray £25)

– call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve your copy now

Pre-order’s being taken on Valo E.B 1.4 rollerblades

Valo eb1.4EB.1.4 – Grey
Limited Edition
Classic EB.1 sneaker style
New red rubber trim
Lower cuff flexibility
New plaid form fitting liner with plastic tongue
Padded tongue support
Replaceable soul and backslide plates
Memory buckle
Boot only for customization

Call ESP on 01243 532828 to pre-order yours now…