Ground Control .1 dvd now in store

 – GC .1 is their first dvd release

– £20

– featuring all the big players including Aragon, Sands, Chase…

– call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve your copy now


Ground Control F1-XS frames

 – GC F1-XS frames

– available in white, black and red

– new wider h-block (15mm wider than regular FL frames)

– deeper bolt recesses

– work well anti-rocker or flat set up

– £60

– stay live on

– call ESP on 01243 532828 for more info





Razor Bambrick pro skate

– RZR Don Bambrick pro designed skate

– RZR S.L. (super light) construction

– RZR high quality liner

– Cround Control FL1 frames

– Munrda One Aragon wheels 56/90

– £220

– call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve yours now…

– stay live on:

Ground Control FL2 frames in stock

– Ground Control FL 2 frames

– 33% lighter than avarage frames

– Locking bolts for 1 allen key wheel installation

– Come with matching plastic anti-rocker wheels

– UFS botls included with hardware

– £40 per pair

– Prime frames come with matching laces (£46)

– call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve your now…

– check for more info

Razor Aragon 3’s now in stock

                                                                                                      – Razor S.L. boot construction

-Brian Aragon pro model

– New Jug liners

– Ground Control FL frames

– New added extra lace eyelet for control

– call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve yours now…

– check this edit about them here 

Pre-order’s being taken on Nimh Shaman rollerblades

Nimh shamanNimh Shaman

 new sleek over-skin

 the latest Nimh soul plates

 new bomb-proof Nimh liner

Ground Control FLT2 frames

Nimh 58mm/90a wheels

ABEC 5 bearings


Due in the UK earlyer December – call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve yours now…