‘es skateboarding i-pad app


 – ‘es i-pad app

 – first skateboard brand to offer i-pad app!

 – check it out here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/es-skateboard/id413639100?mt=8

 – support core footwear brands

 – come and check out our ‘es footwear and apparel range in store!

Nando’s exPERImental skate jam’s…

– Sat 18th Sept – Central skatepark, MCR

– Sat 25th Sept – Boardroom, Leicester

– Sat 2nd Oct – baysixty6, LDN

– Demo’s / coaching at each event

– Nando’s chicken in affect

– stay live on: http://www.nandosxperimental.co.uk/ 


for any updates.

– support British skateboarding…

Emerica LTD collab sneaks

– Emerica LTD EDT sneaks

– Reynolds 3 / Altamont collab

– Romero / Toy Machine collab

– Limited availability – don’t sleep!

– Stay Gold premiers 26/ 8 / 10 – LDN

– Call ESP to reserve your pair now…

– stay live on: www.emericaskate.com

Emerica WITS news…

– Emerica Wild In The Streets

– 4 International locations

– Southbank, LDN went down today

– Szafranski, Spanky and Suski with UK riders Know and Ault in attendance

– stay live on: www.emericaskate.com

– support the scene…

New Baker graphics

– New Baker skateboard graphics

– Designed by the UK’s infamous Fos

– One of the strongest teams in skateboarding

– call ESP on 01243 532828 to reserve yours now…

– stay u to date on www.bakerskateboards.com

Altamont apparel introduces Lucien Clarke

– Altamont euro rider Lucien Clark

-After his section in “this time tomorrow” the deal was sealed…

– Lucien’s also got a pro board coming from LDN brand Palace.

– Stay up to date with all goings on at: http://www.altamontapparel.com/

– call ESP on 01243 532828 for up to date Altamont availability…

Theeve Titanium trucks

– Theeve titanium trucks

– two separate wheel axles

– super light weight

– £46 – £62

– call ESP on 01243 532828 for full spec details

– for more details check: www.theevetrucks.com