Too Hot

Too Hot to stock

With limited space in store and a massive amount of product available, unfortunately we can’t stock everything – however we can make special orders and can get hold of most things. So if you’re after something that we don’t have in store, just give us a shout… 01243 532828

Below are some item’s we’ve ordered in specially for people recently to give you idea’s:

DSCN1617The old school decks are very limited and real collectors item’s,

Reminisce and get the first deck you ever had!

Availability changes like the weather, give us a shout on 01243 532828 and we’ll look into it for you…

DSCN1624It seems the Race / Fitness skate scene is blowing up again, with all the top brands doing

their versions with 100mm – 110mm wheels, low cuffs and carbon shells – it’d be hard not to go fast on a pair of these bad boys!

This is the Rollerblade Speed Machine’s that we ordered in…

DSCN1629With the option on BMX frame spec’s being so specific and varying with top tube lengths,

gyro / brake lugs, colours etc we can’t stock every frame available, but we can get ’em

This is the Sunday Funday frame and Odyssey Director forks that we ordered in.

DSCN1630This is an S&M Cardona frame that we ordered in and an ESP favorite, the attention to detail on this frame is second to none – workmanship at it’s best.

Give us a shout if you see a frame on here that you like and not only will we order it for you but we’ll also build it to…

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